The Pioneer Valley Engineer

 President's Message 

October 2017

I was unable to attend the last meeting but I could obtain the minutes from our Recording Secretary.  Believe it or not the dialogue has started on our annual Christmas Party.  It felt like only yesterday I was slow dancing with Brother Fontaine!  We will review our finances and put a registration form in next month’s flyer.

One of the items I would like to see the body of the Chapter tackle is educating the public about opportunity in our trade.  If you have checked our web site over the past year you would have seen numerous positions being posted.  These positions range from entry level to senior positions in both supervision and management.  These jobs are not only pay great salaries with good benefits, but many of them open doors for career advancement.  I feel we need to tackle this on 3 fronts.  We should stress to current licensees that they should continue their studies and strive for higher licenses that will help advance their careers.  In addition, we should help employers understand that there are definite returns in giving opportunity to those with entry level licenses.  Finally, we all can do our part in stressing that a career in our trade not only offers opportunity but offers rewarding challenges.  This trade has an aging workforce and a declining number of candidates for those open positions.  It will take an effort from all of us to assure those positions get filled.  I offer this platform as well as the forum of our Chapter as an avenue to express discussion and ideas to make this happen.

Our 2nd Fireman’s class is up and running and our Continuing Education schedule is posted in this flyer.  Call the office to register for these classes.

Lastly the Board of Boiler Rules will be meeting in Stow, MA to discuss transitional changes to 522 CMR 1-19. The proposed draft of the CMR has been approved by Administration and Finance to be presented for public hearing as the next step in the promulgation process.  This public hearing will take place on Thursday, October 12 @ 10AM at the Department of Fire Services.  The next regular meeting of the Board of Boiler Rules will take place after this hearing at 11:00 AM in the same location.  Here is the link to the update document:

See you at the next Business Meeting on October 4th.




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