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Felix W. Start Memorial Award

The Felix W. Start Memorial Award was first presented at the 83rd Annual National Association of Power Engineers Convention. New York Chapter 11 was the first recipient.

The Award is given to the Chapter or Association, under the umbrella of the National Association of Power Engineers, judged to have made the greatest contribution to licensing during each year. It is named for Felix W. Start, former National License Law Chairman, for his work in behalf of licensing. He was a Past President of Worcester, MA Chapter 32 and active at all levels of this Association.

The following criteria must be met to be eligible for this award:

  1. To participate, a Chapter shall present to the Committee documents, programs, flyers, laws, proposed laws, or any factual proof of that Chapter’s activities. It shall not matter whether said proof involves city, county, state or federal laws, or whether said proof involves passage or promotion of a law. Judgement will be based on the amount of time devoted by a Chapter, results, scope and effects of said law or the promotion of a law.
  2. Chapter presentations should be made to the Felix W. Start Award Committee Chairperson not later than the close of business at the AM session of the second day of the National Convention. Presentations may be mailed prior to the Convention to “The Felix W. Start Award Committee”, c/o NAPE National Office.
  3. Chapters may send one (no more than two) member representatives for an interview by the Award Committee as outlined in 1 above. Said representatives shall present themselves as the Award Committee Chairperson within the time limits stated in 2 above.
  4. Participation time shall begin with the close of the Annual Convention and end three weeks prior to the following Annual Convention.

The National Association of Power Engineers
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