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Our national print magazine, The National Engineer is distributed in a quarterly publication to our members, corporate members, and subscribers, as are our monthly e-blasts as well. The national website receives traffic from the same significant audience as well, along with numerous other individuals from the overall engineering industry. With N.A.P.E. you can feature your print and/or digital ad to your target audience for a great price! We pride ourselves on working to meet your unique business needs throughout the whole process. 

We currently have ad space available:

• In our quarterly magazine for partial & full-size page ads

• On our website for top & bottom banner/block ads

• In our monthly e-blast for top & bottom banner/block ads

Find out about all available sizes, types, prices, and more in the media kit below.

Download Media Kit

For marketing/advertising/sales inquiries or information


Jenny Beaudet

Editor/Designer & Marketing Coordinator


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