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With the goal of N.A.P.E. being to provide persons who work or want to work in the power engineering and related fields with the credentials valued by employers in today’s job market, Certifications are offered in three popular categories of study:

Basic Boiler Operator, Advanced Boiler Operator, and A/C Refrigeration Operator.

Whether you work in a licensed or unlicensed jurisdiction, training and Certification from the National Association of Power Engineers provides you with credentials from a nationally recognized leader in Power Engineering training and education.

Will this Certification lead to licensing?

There is currently no national standard or licensing requirements for power engineers and many municipalities have no official licensing requirements. This can complicate matters for Power Engineers, our members, non-member students, and employers. NAPE Online Courses and Certification tests will provide you with the education and training required to pass the licensing tests in any municipal jurisdiction that requires a license. In jurisdictions that do not require state or municipal licensing, NAPE's Certifications and nationally respected training provided through Chapter houses and Online Courses are a powerful tool to prove your competence and dedication to your field to any prospective employer. 

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