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To our members, students, followers and advertisers,

It is my unexpected pleasure to be writing you today. If someone said to me fourteen years ago, at the conclusion of the National Convention in Providence, Rhode Island (when I finished my term as National President) that I would be doing this again, my answer would have been “no way.” At that time we had any number of upstarts in strong chapters and regional associations ready to run for National Office. How times have changed! While the NAPE Mission has been the same for one hundred and thirty four years, and will remain the same for the next hundred and beyond (tells you how strong I think NAPE is) the desire for young engineering professionals to be part of industrial organizations has waned. They have to look no further than their pockets or purses for many of the answers and resources needed to solve many of their problems. Computers and cell phones have replaced the face to face contact that many of us in NAPE were brought up on. Not sure why we call them phones any more, texting and internet access seems to be how most people use them. Anyway, why do I think NAPE is strong? Because you see the need, benefit, and potential of this organization. You know that the link to our past, the dedication, wisdom and leadership of those before us and the mission they undertook is the guide to our future. You and a core group of officers make up the dedicated membership that is NAPE. Without its members NAPE would only be a business. Without its members NAPE cannot succeed. 

So, our key words are Mission and Success! The Mission is “to insure safe, economical and environmentally sound practice in plant and facility operations and to safeguard the longevity of our Nations Natural Resources”. A few extra words and not an exact quote but you get the idea. Success; NAPE achieves Success by providing Quality Education. Our members and students achieve Success, professional advancement, utilizing the quality Education we provide. Education becomes the third word in the NAPE trilogy and the key to our Mission's Success. The list of companies and institutions that now offer or require their employees to take NAPE online courses is increasing. This magazine and the NAPE website have all the information needed to start the process of choosing the right course progression for you. The National Office staff is ready to help. 

In the next issue I’ll update you on new course development, the progress of the Education Program, and the positive effect it has had for the participants and the financial health of NAPE. We will talk about our ideas for the dates and locations of upcoming Board Meetings, next years Annual Meeting and the 2019 Convention. I encourage all to make use of your magazine. Read at least one article (if not all). What you will learn is well worth the time. As always, we welcome your suggestions, ideas and submittals for the National Engineer. The magazine is your place to advertise upcoming events and post pictures of outing and activities. We welcome articles of interest; forgive us, but we do have to vet and request reprint permission in some cases. 

I’ll leave you with something Henry D. Cozens said in his opening speech at the first National Convention in 1882, “the day will come when the engineer will be considered something more than a ‘grease slinger’ or a coal heaver”. How far we have come, much to the effort of NAPE. NAPE - Mission, Education, Success.


Shawn Fitzpatrick, PNP

National President

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