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President's message

To our members, students, followers and advertisers,

As I write my last President’s message, I want to express my appreciation to the Board of Directors, Officers, and Members who continue to support N.A.P.E. and maintain our mission of providing education and safe practices.

Education is key. To succeed as an association, we need to be open to be pushed in new directions, consider new perspectives, and develop a program for continued success. Our online courses have proven to be successful, but as our customer needs and the world of technology continues to change, we need to adapt and meet those standards. As mentioned, we found a company that can help the association reach that next level. During the convention, those that are attending will see a presentation on the new courses.

As members you should be celebrated and as a team the National Office came together to bring you more benefits. This year we implemented the Membership Library with exclusive study materials for members and a special online certification discount. Members will receive a discounted price of $50 saving the member $125. There was also a gift with renewal this year, which we will continue to do. Additionally, we have a free job board for members to post their resumes. The goal is to continue to bring more membership benefits and if you have any ideas of how we can appreciate our members please email nape@powerengineers.com with your ideas and be on the lookout for more benefits as the year continues.

During my Presidency, I held a New England States meeting. At that meeting, the attending body made a generous donation to provide continued success to the National Office in Chicopee, Massachusetts and help with the new educational programs. The chapters that make up New England States were more than happy to make this decision and give back to the Association.

Again, thank you for allowing me to serve as your President and I look forward to what the future brings to N.A.P.E.


Shawn Fitzpatrick, PNP

National President

George Montany has been a long time member of NAPE NY#6 and has served as an Officer and a Committee member on several committee's with a dedication unsurpassed by most of our members. His knowledge of our Engineering Profession was a resource to many of our young members and George was always available to share his knowledge to other members. He will be missed by us all. He is now free from the suffering he endured over the past two + years and in a happier place as he joins his wife. He leaves a void in Chapter #6 that will not be easy to fill.
NY #6 President,
Richard J. Drury


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