About the Course

Mass Chapter 4's online course is a self-paced class that consists of lessons and exams that add up to the 30-hours of educational credit required by the State of Massachusetts for license renewal. 

30-Hour Certificate

Upon completion of the course, email with the address you would like your certificate mailed to. You will receive the original certificate along with a copy. Please keep the copy of this certificate in your personal file, just in case something happens, you have a copy. Please give the office adequate time to produce your 30-hour certificate to ensure your license will not become inactive.   


To purchase, click "buy now" and then the shopping cart, or click the image directly. 

After purchase, the office will process your order and email you your student registration.

Once enrolled, the course is active for one year.

It is the responsibility of the student to complete the lessons and exams within that time and inform the chapter by e-mail when you have passed. 



1) The licensee must obtain 30 hours of credits within their renewal period of five (5) years.   

2)  All class fees for Fireman and Engineer Continuing Education Classes must be paid in full, prior to the start of the class.

3)  Once you log in, the student has 1 full year to complete the course.

4)  If you do not complete the course within 365 days, you will be locked out of the system and you will have to sign up, pay and start your education over.

5)  Mechanical courses require a 70% or better on the exam in order to be successfully completed.

6)  The Chapter 146 & 522 CMR courses require a 90% or better to be successfully completed.

7) Once the course has been completed, the student must notify via e-mail.

8) Please give the office adequate time to produce your 30 hour certificate to ensure your license will not become inactive. 

Chapter 4 offers on-site education

Call (413) 592-6273 to inquire about having education provided at your facility

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