The Pioneer Valley Engineer

 President's Message 

April 2019

As many of you know we are founded on the principle of education.  One of the off shoots of education comes in the form of handing down knowledge and material from one generation to the next.  We should always be willing to share our experiences with the new people in the trade, or those just wanting to learn a bit more about what we do.  While personal experiences play an important part in building our trade, there is also something to say about the numerous textbooks that many of us have used throughout the licensing process.  I don’t know an upper level engineer who didn’t use a shopping cart of reference material before sitting for a license exam.  In fact, if you do not know, the National Office in Chicopee has a complete wall of reference material that Chapter Members can sign out and use.  And the best part it is that most of that material was donated.

Why do I bring this up?  Recently the Chapter has received another donation of educational material from our own Brother Tom Burke.  Tom reached out to the Chapter because he could no longer use the material and felt it would be better served among those in the Chapter.  From all the officers in the Chapter a hearty, “Thank you” is being extended to Brother Burke for this generous donation.  We hope to utilize it to its full potential very soon.

Speaking of education our abbreviated continuing education schedule has been well received.  Attendance is up allowing the Chapter to operate in the black.  Many thanks to all those that have signed up.  In addition, Brother Dougherty, our Educational Director, is in the early stages of developing our online 30 hour CE classes.  Stay tuned for more on this as we move forward.

Finally, with our National Convention fast approaching the Chapter still has spots open for delegates.  A portion of your trip is reimbursed by the Chapter and it is a great experience to see the inner workings of our association.  Call the National office if you are interested.

Our next meeting is April 3rd, 2019 at the classroom.



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