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 President's Message 

August 2018

With summer in full swing, many of us including myself, seem hard pressed to think about fall.  However we must move forward, and as such I’d like to update you on three important events coming in the fall.

Our 2nd Fireman’s license course starts on September 6th.  This class will be held on Thursday night from 6pm to 9pm at the Chapter classroom.  Brother Dougherty will once again be conducting this top notch educational program.  He has taught many students over his 20 plus years and has a successful record of students obtaining their licenses.  As with many trades, well educated students are in high demand and this class is the start of a promising career.  Spread the word as this class is limited to 15 students! Please look for a registration form in the flyer or call the office (413)-592-NAPE to register.

We are hosting 30 hours of continuing education for the 2018 fall semester.  This limited opportunity stress the importance of staying ahead of the curve to get your hours as procrastinating is a bad role model to follow.  Additionally some of you might know we have been lucky to have Brother Ed Kaczenski join our educational team.  He is teaching the Air Pollution and Waste Water class.  If you have never sat in a class taught by Ed I would highly recommend it.  The schedule is on the EDUCATION page and you can call the office to register.

Lastly I have been working with Brother Pierre Richard on a tour of the new CHP plant at Baystate Medical Center.  As of this writing we will host our September meeting at Baystate Medical Center and then a tour will follow.  We have not got on the road in a long time, and this will be an excellent opportunity to see new technology in our own back yard.  Parking will be available.  As for now, if you are interested in attending this tour, please call the office and register.  There is no charge but a head count is needed.            

The next meeting is August 1st at the 5 pm in the Chapter classroom.  Nomination and election of officer will be conducted, and as always if you’re interested in becoming an officer, please attend of let us know!



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