The Pioneer Valley Engineer

 President's Message 

February 2019

There are times, if I’m being honest, that writing this message becomes a chore.  In these times I’ve spent hours mulling over what material I will discuss so I can compose a decent message.  While those messages are weight on me, this message comes with a very heavy heart.  In the past month the Chapter has lost two brothers, Charlie Lockheart and Ron Gosslin.

Charlie, if you do not know, was a Pearl Harbor vet at the young age of 18.  He enlisted in the Navy at 16 after he changed his birth certificate.  Charlie was always proud of his service, often telling of his experiences throughout WW II.  When he returned he took a position at Uniroyal, earned his First Class Engineer’s license, and eventually became Superintendent.  After a short retirement he then became Superintendent at Holyoke Gas and Electric.  Charlie was full of life through all of his 95 years telling various stories from the trade or the service.  Often as he told them I sat in awe of what a life he experienced.  I’ve known Charlie since the late 1980’s and he always showed his dedication to our Chapter. He always spoke up to see that the Chapter moved in the right direction.  Because of his dedication and leadership, he was made a lifetime member by the Chapter several years ago and then he became the first Chapter Historian.  Charlie was a good friend to many and will be sadly missed.

Chapter Past President and Chapter 4 Educator Ralph “Ron” Gosselin also recently passed away.  Ron was also a member of the arm services, serving in the U.S. Air Force.  He became the Chief at Texon in Russell, MA and then took employment with Northeast Utilities where he worked for 27 years.  In that time Ron taught many engineers and fireman in power plant operation and maintenance as the Senior Training Coordinator. In addition, he taught engineers and fireman at our Chapter and S.T.C.C.  Ron was truly dedicated to our Chapter, not only in all the students he taught and positions he held, but through his health issues for several years prior to his death, he continued to keep his dues current.  Ron made a gracious donation to the Chapter giving us all of his educational material, includes dozens of books and videos, many of which have been used to develop our current course material.  He was a good friend who assisted in the success of many, and he will also be sadly missed.

Our continuing education classes for the Spring are listed in the flyer.  While we are still looking at online classes, it was decided by the body to go to 15 credit hours per semester for the time being.  Please remember that when selecting classes you will need to complete all 30 hours before your license expires.


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