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 President's Message 

April 2018

The Chapter continues to focus its attention on education.  At the March Business, the student body count for the spring semester’s continuing education classes was discussed.  For the past several years our education has struggled to show a positive cash flow.  Several educational classes have canceled because there were just not enough students enrolled.  This is due to several reasons, many of which our out of our control.  One item we do control is the ability to reach beyond our limited market.  The Education Board has decided that we are going to actively pursue the development of on-line continuing education classes.  This will not happen over-night and it will take a lot of effort.  We are hoping that a couple of individuals will step up to help the process, so we can get to market faster.   We gladly welcome any ideas from the membership on what would make an on-line class not only easier to take but hopefully one of the best programs in state.  We truly welcome your input.

This year there is a new National Convention format.  Every other year there is a one-day scaled back convention.  This year the one-day convention is July 14th, 2018 and it will be held in Springfield, Mass.  The Chapter has several delegate seats, and this is a great opportunity to see how the National operates without having to travel or incur a large expense.  If you are interested in being a delegate, please call the office or come to our next business meeting to let your intentions be known.

At our next Chapter meeting on April 4th, State Inspector Geryk and/or Isabell from the Department of Fire Services will speak to the Chapter about how the transition has been going and the direction the Department is headed in.  In addition the will be a short Q & A session for members to ask pertinent questions about happenings within the state.



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