The Pioneer Valley Engineer

 President's Message 

June 2018

I recently traveled to Iowa State University for work.  While I was there the class toured the college’s power plant.  This facility has been generating electricity that dated back to some of the first electric lights that came from Thomas Edison.  A physics professor at ISU received electric lamps from Edison to use for demonstrations in his lab.  The original power station generated electricity with a Corliss steam engine.  It transitioned to coal boilers with steam turbine generators.  Today the facility consists of (2) – 1988 fluidized bed coal boilers rated at 170,000 pph, (3) 2016 Cleaver Brooks natural gas water tube boilers rated at 150,000 pph, (4) steam turbine generators capable of generating 46 MW of electricity, and (6) chillers that produce 26,000 tons of cooling.  For more on the power plant visit: One thing of note is the operators were not only friendly and informative, but experience professionals as they had 5 coffee makers in the control room!  They definitely know what it takes to be successful in our trade!

At the May meeting the following topics were covered:

  • Our pursuit of on line education continues.  Brother Dougherty has review several options and discussions are ongoing and directions are continually being discussed.
  • Brother Kaczenski has returned to the educational staff for the Chapter.  He taught a class in the spring and many students who don’t know Ed were exposed to his talent in not only delivering information but keeping the students engaged.  He has a long history of educating many of the current Engineers in the Western Mass, especially those with 1st and 2nd Engineer licenses.  We are grateful that he has decided to return to the Chapter to teach and assist us in strengthening our educational process.
  • The Board of Boiler Rules meets on June 7th at 10 am in Stow, MA.  This meeting is called to hear the recommendations of the subcommittee in regards to requested changes to 522 CMR 1-19.

Finally, at our June meeting we will be looking for those seeking to hold a position in the Chapter as an officer and discuss upcoming visits to local facilities.  We have not gone on the road in a while and a road trip is in order.



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