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 President's Message 

February 2018

There were not enough members in attendance to have a quorum at the January business meeting.  Only a couple fools braved the cold weather, but those of us in attendance made strides in education and budgets. We will discuss more on this at the February meeting.

The schedules for the upcoming 1st/3rd License Preparatory classes as well continuing education are posted in the Flyer. Check the classes you would like to attend and call the office at 413-592-NAPE to register a.s.a.p.

On December 19th, Chief Kawa and the Department of Fire Services held an informal meeting at Stow, MA for the Chief Engineers at large plants in the state.  There was about 50 Chief Engineers, Department of Fire Services Inspectors and members form the Board of Boiler Rules in attendance.  The meeting was led off by an informative discussion from State Fire Marshal Peter Ostraskey.  He explained what the Department of Fire Service does and how he looks forward to working with Chief Kawa and all the other DFS Inspectors.  Chief Kawa then spoke on several topics ranging from the transition from DPS to DFS, changes being proposed, on line licenses, and other interesting topics.  Some of the highlights were:

  • Books were presented to all Chiefs in attendance.  These books contained state regulations (146 and 522) as well as the state’s current specifics of their plant.
  • There are 750 high pressure boiler locations in the state with over 1400 boilers at these locations.
  • 60% of these boilers are over 150 psi.

The current breakdown of licensees in the state notes as follows:

License Type
 Active Licenses
 EN3E 774
 Special Licenses
 Nuclear 52

  • The state is hoping to develop an “Engineer in Charge” certification that will be posted with other boiler room licenses. 
  • The re-examination period is now 60 days instead of the previous 90.
  • The DFS is hoping to have online renewals in 2018.

Hoping to see you at our next business meeting which, due to the snow storm, is on Thursday February 8th, 2018 at 5 pm.



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