The Pioneer Valley Engineer

 President's Message 

June 2019

It is with a heavy heart that I let you know of the passing of Board of Boiler Rules member and past Chief Inspector Brother Ray Archambault.  Many of us in this trade came in under Rays arm, either sitting in front of him for a license examination or sitting in the numerous classes Ray taught.  I have known Ray for about 20 years and in the last 5 or so we became friends in our travels to the Board meetings.  I will tell you, that until his passing the man remained very sharp.  He remembered facts from decades ago, whether it was in his years at sea in the maritime or his experiences with the DPS or the Board of Boiler Rules.  He loved this trade, and always held accountability and common rational as his highest standard.  Ray was a great man who will be sadly missed.

Just to make sure all members understand, we are aiming to offer continuing education only online starting in 2020.  This one line program will not be segmented like our current continuing education format.  When you sign up to take the class, you will be enrolling in a class that once completed you will receive a 30 hour certificate.  Therefore, the educational department will offer 15 hours of classroom continuing education this fall.  If you need 15 hours or less of continuing education credits before your next renewal, you will need to take the balance of your credit this fall. And since the new online class is a 30 hour program, transferring in your current credits will be immaterial. The Chapter apologizes upfront for any inconveniences this poses but circumstances are forcing us to do this.

The Board of Boiler Rules met in this past May.  At this meeting the Board approved the proposed changes to 522 CMR 1.00 - 19.00. These changes will soon be published on the Department of Fire Services web site (  As with any changes, they will go through the promulgation process filled by public comment, possibly in the fall.  Please check the DFS web site for hearing dates and locations.

Finally, as we begin our summer season please keep in your thoughts and prayers those who have given so much of all of us. The freedom we enjoy in this wonderful country have come at the greatest cost to some, and for that we should never forget this sacrifice. 



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