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 President's Message 

December 2017

Did anybody say is it really Christmas time? Where does the time go? Regardless it is the holidays and as such there is still time left to sign up for our holiday party at the Log Cabin.  It is always a good time to get together with fellow Chapter members and their significant others.  Call the office if you want to go as soon as possible, because sign ups close by December 1st.  The cost is $30 per person.

At the November business meeting, we were told that the National membership is increasing after 14 years of declining membership!  When organizations today constantly shrink  we have become one of the outliers with a growing body.  While there are several reasons, I can tell you that there has not been a stronger supporter of the National than our own Brother Barry Battista.  In my 20 plus years as a Chapter member I have not seen anyone come to give the commitment that Barry has shown.  Many times, he has given his heart and soul to see this organization succeed.  Thanklessly, he spear headed the on-line education program and now that is our greatest draw in membership.  In fact, he has developed such a great program that top ranked US Colleges, like Notre Dame, are insisting that all their boiler operators become educated through NAPE.  I cannot say enough about his dedication to this organization and his commitment to our Chapter.  When you bump into him take a moment to thank him.

While I’m along the appreciation band wagon, I would be remised if I did not take a moment to thank Chuck for the great job on our web site.  Besides the task of updating my message and the education we offer, Chuck goes beyond the call by posting numerous pictures from the valley.  I guess if he wasn’t preoccupied at Smith, he’d probably become a full-time photographer!  Look at our site and realize like I do that hands down we have one of the best power engineering sites in the land!

Finally, the Board of Boiler Rules meet on November 02, 2017.  There were several items on the agenda.  Of most important the Department has appointed a Regulations Committee that will make recommendations to the Board for amendments, updates and interpretations of 522 CMR, as directed by the Board.  The group consists of insurance, operators, and state inspectors and they should greatly be able to assist the Board. 

Merry Christmas!



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