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On June 1st, at the bi-annual meeting of the New York State Association, Mr. Aaron Tomlinson, an EMT for the Manhasset Lakeville Fire Department, gave an education presentation on the basics of CPR and Heimlich procedures.  Present were officers and members of the State Association as well as the wives.

Aaron’s presentation was extremely informative, providing information on the administering of CPR on adults as well as children and infants.  When asked if someone needs to be certified to perform CPR, Aaron told us it is not necessary for an individual to have certification.  Under the law, CPR can be administered without fear of repercussions.  Only those individuals working in a hospital or as an EMT, need certification.  He also showed the proper method for administering the Heimlich procedure.  His message was if you see someone in distress and administer either CPR or Heimlich and you save that person’s life, it is a feeling you will remember for the rest of yours.

Special thanks goes out to Aaron and the Manhasset Lakeville Fire Department for supporting our education.

On June 1st, at the bi-annual meeting of the New York State Association, Gerald LaChance, President and Richard Drury, Vice President of the association awarded Dominick Pepe, the Man of the Year Award.  The award read "Nassau County, N.Y. Chapter #6 has bestowed upon you "National Life Membership" in appreciation for your professionalism, dedication as an officer at all levels of our great organization, as a teacher, mentor and friend to all its members.  You set the example for leadership"

Dominick is past president of both the N.Y.S.A. and National and is currently the Region Two Director.  The officer's and members of the N.Y.S.A. want to congratulate him on receipt of this award. 

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