President's Message

To All NAPE Members:

Greetings from all of the NAPE N.Y. State Association officers.  We want to take this opportunity to send best wishes to you and your families.  In lieu of the January meeting, the State Associations Education Committee sponsored a site visit/tour of the state of the art boiler plant at Adelphi University in Garden City.  The tour was well attended by the instructor and students from the License Refrigeration Course, Allan Priestly, N.Y.S. Director. Bob Shipley and Vito Civorelli, provided information to the students which gave them an opportunity to share new technology and gain knowledge about the systems. Thank you to Education Chairperson Dominick Pepe, Bob Shipley, Assistant VP of Facilities Operations and Vito Civorelli, Manager of Mechanical & Electrical Systems at Adelphi for their professionalism and devotion in providing valuable educational programs to our members.

As we prepare for our monthly tri-chapter meetings, I ask our members to let us know of any topics of interest that we can incorporate into our education programs.  It is our mission to provide any and all information you require to help you understand, operate and maintain the mechanical equipment and power plants that you are responsible for at work or that you just have interest in.  We will do our best to provide education that is of interest of our members.  Remember, keep your work areas clean, well-lit and free of debris.  This will help make for a safe workplace.  Hoping to see you and a guest (if you know someone interested in attending) at our next meeting.


Gerald LaChance

President, NAPE New York State Association  

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