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 The National Association of Power Engineers (N.A.P.E.) is the oldest engineering association in the United States, organized in 1882. Active for 125 years, and the longest standing engineering association in the country, N.A.P.E. is dedicated to the purpose of providing advancement through educational opportunities to its members. Through educational courses, books, newsletters, a quarterly magazine, chapter meetings, and conventions, N.A.P.E. helps bring new information and technology to power engineers across the nation to ensure safe and responsible engineering practices.

To achieve this goal, N.A.P.E. has many Chapters located throughout the United States. Through these individual Chapters, the Association is able to work more closely with its membership by providing accessible education. All N.A.P.E. Chapters located in New York comprise the New York State Association.

We invite you to explore our website and become familiar with the New York State Association and the benefits and opportunities that are available.

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