Course Description

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  • Combined Cycle Fundamental Theory and Operation
  • Cycle Parameters and Their Impact on Plant Performance
  • Benefits of the Combined Cycle
  • Fuels for Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • HRSG Overview, Principles, and Flow paths
  • HRSG Major Components
  • HRSG Water Chemistry Control and SRC and Non-SRC NOx Control Overview
  • Steam Turbine Principles, Components, and Support Systems
  • Steam Turbine Generator
  • Turbine Starting and Loading Instructions - Part I
  • Turbine Starting and Loading Instructions - Part II
  • Gas Turbine Controls
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator Controls
  • Steam Turbine Controls
  • Generator Controls
  • GE Mark V/VI Control Systems
  • Startup Considerations
  • Operating Modes
  • Abnormal Plant Operations
  • Shutdown of Combined Cycle Plants
  • Layup
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